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Field Sensors

We supply, Install and Integrate all type of field sensors and devices which is the most fundamental part of any automation system. [i.e. temperature, pressure, flow, valves, drives, servo, motors etc.]

Control Systems

We create comprehensive control systems tailored to the specific needs of our clients, utilizing top-tier PLCs, Controllers RTUs, HMIs, Touch Panel PCs, SCADA Software, and more. Our advanced facility in Vadodara is equipped to produce custom Control Panels in-house.

Industrial IT

We assist customers in seamlessly integrating control systems with their Enterprise IT Systems, such as SAP and ERP. Our globally recognized software platform ensures smooth information flow from sensors to enterprise IT Systems.


Prayosha Is Recognized As One Of The Leading Automation Company

We have solution for every industries in Measuring Instruments, Automation and Calibration with excellent track record and best customer satisfaction. We have never compromise in proving best services to our precious customer. We believe in keeping the customer happy and providing them with product at a very competent price. Hope this is in-line with your requirements and look forward for your valuable enquiry earliest Kindly give us opportunity to serve you batter with price and services

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Renewable Energy


One of the best Automation company. A very good company with far vision.
Moxa Patel
Good experience staff and provide quality and timely solutions for industrial automation
Dip Patel

If you need industrial solution... We are available for you

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